About us

Hello, Welcome To Groceries

As business owners we are strong believers of giving back to the community around us. We do everything possible to help people around us, from elderly to children to homeless persons.

Money is great as it helps us help others. You don´t need to be rich to be happy, you just need to be honest and humble.

Enough soup stories now, lets get on with it. 

God willing we will be here for a long time helping those we can one by one with your help.

Our Vision

To Help as many people with a Job and Income as Possible, Especially Young Immigrants that no one bothers with. They deserve to learn and be someone too.

So many Young Adults would give anything to learn and have jobs and a safe health system and most of all.

A way to provide for there families.

Our Mission

Contrary to popular belief, If you Help one person, one by one; its better then not helping any at all. Life is about helping one another.

Kind Regards

Abigail + Inger