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Pancakes with Strawberry Jam

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2 eggs

500 ml milk

200 g flour

2 tbsp oil

2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

For the quick strawberry jam:

200 g strawberries fresh or frozen

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp starch


How to prepare pancakes:

1. Beat eggs with sugar and salt.

2. Add oil and milk one at a time and stir well after each new ingredient.

3. Add baking powder, flour and mix the dough with a mixer (should be liquid).

4. Preheat a pan, smear it with some oil and bake the pancakes. When the lower side is yellow, flip and bake for some more seconds on the other side. If the pancakes tear and won't flip, ad some more flour.

How to prepare strawberry jam: 

5. To make the jam have some strawberries available. If fresh - wash, press the juice out and put with the juice and some water (not to burn) in a saucepan. If frozen - put in the saucepan as is.

6. Add sugar, mix and heat the strawberries on medium heat till boil.

7. Meanwhile dissolve the starch in some water.

8. Gradually add liquid starch to strawberries and stir well in the process. Watch the thickness: if too thick for your tastes - add some more water, if too liquid - add more starch. Boil for a minute. Take off the heat. Serve together with pancakes.

9. Most importantly: YUM IT AND ENJOY! :) 

(Recipe from BBC Good Food)

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